Art Display Agreement

The artworks are displayed in a safe environment. Staff will monitor the showroom at all times. All visitors are prohibited from touching the artwork. Food, smoking or open flame are not allowed in galleries/areas that contain artwork. Visitors to the exhibition should not take pictures. XIII. MISCELLANEOUS All amendments, deletions or additions to this Agreement must be signed in writing and signed by both parties and attached to this document. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties. THE agreement is governed and in accordance with the laws of the State – VII PROMOTION The sponsor of the exhibition will do his best to promote and exhibit the work of art in an appropriate and professional manner. The sponsor of the exhibition must clearly identify the artist`s name with all the works of art and indicate the artist`s name on all images and advertising texts for each work of art on display.

The works of art are displayed under a plastic display case or glass window. The artist is required to equip the display fixtures if the artwork has a special display requirement for the exhibition. The works of art are exhibited indoors in a climate-controlled environment. voluntary mediation (selection of a mediator by mutual agreement between the parties), but after 60 days from the date of a party`s first request for voluntary mediation; If the dispute has not been resolved, the parties agree that the dispute in the city – before a panel of three arbitrators, at least one (1) must be a lawyer with extensive commercial and artistic experience, and in accordance with the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association in force at the time of signing this agreement. The artist certifies that the work of art is in a state that resists the usual stresses and constraints of packaging, transport and display. The artist is responsible for all repairs to works of art necessary by the artist`s defective treatment. The artist should first discuss this arrangement with the gallery, inform him of the works on display in the exhibition so that they are prepared and send them at least one set of images for the work on display before the exhibition dates. The gallery will be responsible for collecting the collector`s money and paying the artist his percentage in due course. one. Both the organizer and the exhibitor agree to do their best to resolve disputes arising from or under the terms of this agreement, through discussion and negotiation, to their mutual satisfaction. In the absence of a negotiated solution between the parties, the organizer and exhibitor agree to participate in XI.

SAFETY INTEREST The ownership and security of the works of art in the exhibition or the proceeds of the sale under this agreement are reserved for the artist. The artist has a definite interest in the senior artwork for all other claims on the exhibition sponsor. The work of art must not be incriminated or assert the rights of the exhibitor`s creditors. The sponsor of the exhibition acknowledges that he has no right to mortgage or debit works of art that are in his possession, nor to bear a tax or obligation for which the artist may be responsible. The exhibition is intended to expose the work in such a way that it is presented in a safe, safe and well-received manner with labels that clearly identify the artist as a creator. VIII. DISPLAY If the artwork has specific display requirements, notify the exhibition sponsor in advance. Whenever possible, design your work and screen so that they are an integral part of others. Design your screen that reflects the same thoughts, care and craftsmanship as your work. Also try to plan the display or installation as easily as possible so that staff can be installed and insert detailed instructions for display.

C. Given the considerable time between the signing of this contract and the actual dates of the exhibitor`s exhibition, the organizer and exhibitor acknowledge that changes to be made to representatives or staff in Section XVIII may occur in the meantime.