Cloud Services Agreement Sample

In addition to the Customer`s indemnification obligations set forth in Section 9.2 (Customer Exemption) of the GTC, the Customer shall defend, indemnify and retain AVEVA and its related companies against claims by AVEVA or third party customers arising out of or resulting from (a) AVEVA`s use of or access to third party products; (b) AVEVA`s use of or access to customer software, machinery, equipment, systems, IT environments or premises in connection with the provision of support services; and (c) customer`s use of the product in combination with high-risk use. ”invoice” means a broken down specification that CWC makes available to the customer, indicating the cloud caseware services to be paid by the customer and all costs and deadlines incurred; We publish a series of SaaS and Hosted service contracts. Each document is available in two forms: as a downloadable MS Word template for website and online document contracts in Docular. With Docular, you can edit the document online and download it to your computer after editing it. You can download at any time in a variety of formats. 4.2 CWC provides customer with support and maintenance services in accordance with the CaseWare SLA. 1.1. Definitions. The following terms used in this Agreement have the meaning defined below or otherwise in this Agreement: ”Addendum” means two or more Addendums.

”Addendum” means one of the following: Cloud Services Addendum and Data Processing Addendum (if applicable). ”Customer Content” means any software, data (including personal data), information, text, images, audio, video, photos, non-AVEVA or third-party applications, as well as other content and materials of any format provided by customer, any of customer`s users or on behalf of customer, stored in the products or exported to or through the products. ”Disclosed Party” has the importance set out in point 5.1 (Confidential Information). ”Documentation” is the importance defined in the applicable add-ons or schedules, depending on applicability and context. ”Effective Date” means the date on which the customer accepts this agreement by clicking on the ”Accept” button or by checking the ”Accept” box. ”Export Control Laws” have the importance set out in Section 14.10 (Export Restrictions). ”Force majeure” has the importance set out in section 14.3 (Force majeure). ”GTC” has the meaning set out in the preamble. .

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