Visa Facilitation Agreement Ukraine

NOTE the introduction of a visa exemption for Ukrainian citizens as a long-term perspective – concluding an operational cooperation agreement with Europol, with particular emphasis on data protection provisions; In particular, Ukrainian journalists can apply for visas with their employer sent back to Ukraine, instead of submitting an invitation from the EU host society. In addition, members of the media technical team (cameramen, editors, etc.) will also be subject to a simplified visa procedure. 3. For the categories of persons covered in paragraph 1, all categories of visas are issued according to the simplified procedure, without the need to justify, invite or validate the purpose of the trip, as required by member States` legislation. At the EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev on 4 December 2009, progress was reviewed and a ”structured visa dialogue, focused on sequencing priorities of action and recommendations to the Ukrainian authorities,” was agreed. Compliance with all benchmarks will enable the Commission, in view of the EU-Ukraine general relations, to present to the European Parliament and the Council a proposal to lift the visa requirement for short-stay Ukrainian citizens by amending Regulation 539/2001 (this amendment should be limited to holders of biometric passports issued in accordance with ICAO standards). In light of such a proposal, the Commission`s services will also take into account the possible consequences of visa liberalisation, particularly with regard to the evolution of the non-visa regime, as the number of Ukrainian citizens who have refused to enter the EU`s external border or have been unlawfully apprehended in the EU – a number of return decisions, etc. – the adoption of a legal framework for migration policy providing an effective institutional structure for the management of migration, rules governing the entry and residence of foreigners, measures to reintegrate Ukrainian citizens (voluntary return or under the EU-Ukraine readmission agreement), monitoring migration flows, combating illegal immigration (including return procedures) , the rights of those staying there, conditions of detention, efforts to conclude readmission agreements with the main countries of origin), CONSIDERING that from 1 May 2005, EU citizens are exempt from the visa requirement when travelling to Ukraine for up to 90 days or when transiting through Ukrainian territory, the results of the exploratory phase of the visa dialogue confirm that a sustainable visa exemption can only be introduced for Ukrainian citizens when the conditions are met.

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