Town Of Whitby Collective Agreement

My park is filled with garbage, now that the snow is clear. Was there an option for one of these people to continue working before being fired? Like all our neighboring cities have found a way to get everyone running, not us. Sad. The Burkett Arbitration Award between the City of Toronto and the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 3888 for the term january 1, 2010 to December 31, 2014. . How disgusting, they can`t believe they would treat their part-time workers like this in such a terrible time. It seems that the mayor is losing a few votes on this. Shows how much Whitby is for that. Quite confident that their salaries have already been integrated into the budget, what a difference it would make to pay their employees. It was a shameful sneaky way to save and Penny Squeeze.

Prolly is not the right time to do so. .